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Roof decks are becoming a large part of Phoenix culture, especially in the winter, as people want to get in the first air while the weather isn’t too hot. Unfortunately, the average rooftop deck is lackluster and not imaginative.

These are some of the top ways to improve your rooftop deck and why it’s a good idea to get creative!

1. Add Shades Comfortable Areas

Although the goal of a rooftop deck is to spend time outside and feel good in the open air, Phoenix is a city in the desert. Eventually, you’ll hit days that are too hot and sunny to sit directly in the sun, and it’s important to stop and think of a solution. This could mean a small roofed area or a little pagoda or umbrella, but remember to keep the high winds and street view in mind when you work on them. 

2. Consider The Furniture Stains You Use

When you’re picking the furniture for your rooftop deck, be aware of what stains you’re using. Although you should go for furniture you find attractive and like looking at, be careful to avoid going all over the place with wood stains and color. Try to narrow it down to maybe two or three different hues, and work to avoid making them clash.

With the right choices, your rooftop deck will look extremely stylish and well-planned.

3. Look into Gorgeous Deck Pavers

Your rooftop deck doesn’t have to be boring! Instead, consider putting in roof deck pavers. These awesome stonework pieces ensure you can get whatever pattern or style you want while protecting your roof and guiding water down and off of it.

Roof deck pavers are a smart investment because you’re limiting how much damage actually happens to your roof from this deck and creating a space that feels as natural to use as a patio.

4. Consider the Safety Features

Safety is a big deal when you’re this far off the ground! Beyond installing roof deck pavers, take the time to plan safety rails and guards that will stop anyone from falling over the side. For some, this could mean a hip-height fence. For others, it’s more security-fence height, but whatever you do, make sure it’s able to stop any accidental fall or trip. Make sure that if you’re on the deck, you have a phone or other device that will let you call an emergency number if you need to.

5. Plants That Can Handle the Heat

Plants can freshen the look of any area and literally breathe life into it. Whether you get plants that need a lot of water but love all of the sunlight, or you go for cacti and succulents that love Arizona heat, pick something that can survive up there.

6. Access to Water and Drinks

Having water on hand while you’re on your deck is a big deal since it means you get to feel comfortable spending as much time as you want up there. One of the best ideas that really relies on how much space you have is considering putting in a bar. This would include a mini fridge, counter, and sink, all of which would have to be functional.

This will give you a chance to spend even more time outside while still letting it be aesthetically pleasing and comfortable.

7. Large Television That’s Protected

America’s love affair with home televisions is just over seventy years old since almost half of all of the households in the country got their own set in the 1950s. Since then, we’ve come a long way, but our TVs are still part of the family. 

When you’re setting up the rooftop deck of your dreams, make sure it has easy access to television and that device is safe from rain and storms while still accessible. This allows you to get the most out of your outdoor space while still enjoying the comforts of everyday life.

8. Fun Fire and Heat Features

The idea of having a fire pit on your roof might sound horrifying, but as long as it’s a lifted one that’s not touching your roof directly with the hot surfaces, you’re fine! Having a safe fire pit on your rooftop deck means you can enjoy the space year-round, keeping warm through the winter and having fun on late summer nights long after the sun has set. 

Remember to always put it out and have a safety fire extinguisher stashed somewhere on your deck. Anyone who uses your deck should know where this extinguisher is, but you don’t have to leave it in the middle of the space.

Roof Top Decks Change Everything

Whether you’re hoping to spend more time outside this winter or you simply want another space to connect with your family, you can make the most out of your rooftop deck. Consider some of these updates soon!

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