We know, it's a big decision.

Your roof is not just an integral part of your home, but it’s also a key investment in your future. It’s natural to have questions. 

Yes. It won’t cost you anything! We offer complimentary multi-point roof evaluations to determine age and condition, and if you have hail and wind damage.

No catch! For insurance claims, the only thing you are responsible for is your deductible. Should we find something else wrong with the roof while we are working on it, we will submit a supplemental estimate to your insurance company and substantiate additional costs with photo and/or applicable code documentation. We never come back to the home owner and ask for more money.

In fact, you probably would not. Hail damage is rarely visible from the ground, and you might not notice it even if you have been on top of your roof. It almost always requires a trained specialist to find the damage. In some cases, you might see that shingles are missing from wind damage, but this is usually the only time you will notice any type of damage to your roof from the ground.

Your insurance company can not cancel your policy for filing this type of claim. This loss is classified as an “Act of Nature,” which means you had no control over it and could not prevent it.

You probably have already noticed increases in your insurance premium over the last couple of years. Premiums have increased for all policyholders due to the excess amount of storms in this area. In essence, you have been paying to cover everyone else’s damage. Maybe it’s time for you to get what you’ve been paying for.

It’s simple! We are storm claim specialists and we will assist you with your claim from the beginning to the end in order to make sure you understand what’s going on every step of the way!

The total time to complete your claims process varies. This is mostly due to which insurance company you have and how many active claims they have at the time. Once your claim is filed your insurance company will send out an adjuster to complete your roof inspection within 2-7 days. When the adjuster approves the roof replacement, it usually takes another 5-7 days for them to send the initial payment and a description of work to be completed (estimate). After you have received the initial payment, Phoenix Roofing and Repair will order materials, schedule the work, and have your new roof completed within a couple days. The average total time for the entire process runs about 2-3 weeks. The actual roof installation only takes 1-2 days, depending on the size of your roof.

Do not contact your insurance company without consulting a roofing expert first! Successful claims outcomes are directly correlated with proper documentation from start to finish. We start by documenting the damage and then file the claim together.

We offer free inspections, and if we find damage our representatives will be happy to answer any questions and assist you in filing your claim. We have collectively worked with dozens of insurance companies on thousands of claims. Your insurance company will send an adjuster to your home within a few days. Once our claim is approved, we just ask that you let us do the work!

Upon approval from your insurance company. You will pick out a shingle of like kind and quality to the one that is currently on your roof. Your insurance company will give you a scope of what they are paying for on your property. Be sure to give a copy of the scope to your project manager. We will do everything on the scope that the insurance company pays for. If they miss anything we will bill the insurance company for additional costs. We NEVER come back to you while the roof is going on and ask you for more money! If you do not understand the paperwork, please ask your representative to explain it to you – this may be the first insurance scope you have seen, but we have done thousands.

Many roofers want money up front before work has been done or before materials have been delivered. We do not ask you for a dime until we have already paid for your materials and have them sitting on your roof! We put our trust in our clients before we ask them to put their trust in us! At this point we will collect the ACV portion of your payment. You can sign your insurance check over to us or write a personal check for the same amount. All checks are endorsed by you, or made out to Phoenix Roofing and Repair. Oftentimes the mortgage company is listed on the check, and they will need to endorse as well. Since they own the house until it’s paid off, they want to make sure you’re getting a new roof and not taking a long vacation! We will almost always start your roof replacement within 72 hours of your material delivery.

We pride ourselves on courtesy and cleanliness. We will make sure your bushes and yard are tarped off in the right areas as we remove your old roof. We will NEVER blast loud music from your rooftop! After we tear your old roof down to the bare wood, we will use new underlayment on the entire sheathing surface and put metal or ice and water barrier in your valleys for extra protection. While we do work quickly, we are also perfectionists when it comes to laying your shingles or tiles. One uneven row can make the whole roof look bad. We take the same pride in your roof as we would on our own.

Too many homes we come across have roofs that are poorly ventilated. We make sure we properly ventilate your roof whether your insurance company approved it or not! When the job is done we will do a magnetic sweep of the property and make sure we get all the nails and debris picked up.

Our project managers will then walk the property with you and make sure you are happy with every phase of the project! At this point we will send a certificate of completion to your insurance company and they will mail the final check.