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Updating your home is the best way to add value to it, so you must consider every portion of the property before making any changes. The most important piece to update, especially if it’s older, is the roof. 

Your roof should be aesthetically pleasing, hardy, long-lasting, and made out of materials you can trust. Not only will this make it feel like a safer house to live in, but it will also add value to your home when you decide to sell it.

These are the top ways a new roof can improve your home’s value.

Removes an Update That’s Needed

The last thing many home buyers want to deal with is an update that they have to make within the next five years. If your current roof is out of date, older, or already showing signs of age or wear and tear: it’s time to update it. This increases the value, but it also ensures that your home will sell faster, which is important with how unpredictable the housing market is right now. 

One less update means one more reason for buyers to make an offer.

Lowers Heating and Cooling Costs

The electricity bill is one of the most annoying monthly bills the average person has to deal with, so it’s important that we do everything we can to lower it. An updated roof with high-quality materials works as a barrier against the cold and heat and holds a lot of insulation that ensures your home will stay at a comfortable temperature.

This is an awesome selling point because most new home buyers are nervous about dealing with their monthly bills, and any reduction helps.

Creates An Opportunity for Solar Panels

Adding solar panels is one of the best ways to reduce your energy consumption, while also giving yourself the chance to invest in a greener Earth. A third of consumers are currently seeking products or companies that make an emphasis on green living, so investing in your home with solar means that if you decide to sell within the next ten years you may see an increase in your home’s value by at least 4%. With the high value of properties in today’s market, that four percent can make a huge difference.

Protects Property From Risks Like Fire

For many homeowners, fires are becoming an increasingly large concern. A large way that these spread is by trees and other plant life around the home going up in flames and then coming in contact with the roof and setting it ablaze.

Although you can invest in your roof by adding things like decorative gable trusses, or updated covered gutters, it’s also important that the material your roof is made out of is taken into consideration. Asphalt and metal tiles are the best options to ensure that fires don’t make their way into your home, and if you wanted to take it further, a Low-E underlayment can be installed beneath your shingles to stop heat transfer.

Increases Visual Appeal

Just like updated garage door window inserts can add visual appeal to your home: so will an updated roof. When replacing your roof, you can pick from a large array of colors, styles, materials, finishes, and patterns that allow you to customize your home as much as you want. Although this isn’t everyone’s idea of excitement, for those who want their home to stand out, it can be thrilling.

The visual appeal of your home decides how many buyers will be interested and how quickly you can sell your home- so don’t be afraid to update your roof for a little curb appeal!

Ensures Property Won’t Have Leaks

If you hate the idea of running around and setting up buckets under leaking ceilings: you’re not alone! Roof leaks can be stressful to deal with because it’s like watching your property’s value drop with every drip of water.

Consider replacing your roof before this problem even starts. Leaks like this can damage not only the property it drips on but can also fill your attic with mold and rot that will be even more expensive to replace or repair, especially if it’s full of insulation.

Gets Rid of Risks Like Ice Buildup

If you live in an area with freezing winters, you know how much ice and snow can build up in just a week. A newer roof will protect you better and ensure that you don’t lose all of your heat through your roof.

It’s vital that, along with an updated roof, you also ensure that you keep it as leaf and debris-free as possible. Having leaves on your roof allows for moisture and snow to build up, which can eventually freeze, damage your roof, and even lead to flooding in the spring. Updating your roof is a smart choice: but you should also be treating it responsibly.

Updating Your Roof Should be An Easy Choice

Although it can be difficult to choose which updates to make, your roof should be an easy choice. Consider making this necessary change, and watch as your property’s value rises!

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